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Color - Black

The BRIDGE is a "belt-less" concealed carry solution for those who want to wear sweatpants, gym shorts, basketball shorts, or any garment where a standard belt is not practical. The BRIDGE also acts as a multiplier: Purpose-built from the beginning to carry more than just your EDC firearm.

The BRIDGE was designed with a 1.5 inch integrated belt, ready for your current holster. The side-inside pocket allows you to configure the belt to your own concealment specs or upgrades. Constructed of high-quality milspec hook and loop, SAM material and a slim gated buckle, it's the most comfortable and concealable belt-less option on the market.

Each BRIDGE comes with the full pocket and an integrated belt that will allow up to a 44-inch waist. Accessory items are sold separately.

Pouches are not included*